Salim Shabazz

Hi, I’m Salim Shabazz. I am the driving instructor at Kids First Driving School. I have been in the Northern Virginia area since 2006. I have been driving professionally for about 35 years with many different types of vehicles. I have teaching experience with tractor-trailers, buses, vans, etc. in various driving conditions and landscapes. With Kids First Driving School, you are in safe hands. I will do my best to make sure you’re well-equipped when you go out on the road to keep yourself and others around you safe. Locally owned and operated in Northern Virginia. - Salim Shabazz

Regular Driver Instruction, Observation Package, Private Lessons, Parking, and we specialize in providing personalized parking instruction, aiming to enhance your parking skills in various scenarios. For instance, we focus on parallel parking, backing up, pulling in from left to right, straight-line backing, and offset parking. Our tailored approach ensures you become a confident and proficient parker.

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